About us

About company

Championing Reforms for a prosperous Nigeria.

As the Federal Government of Nigeria's (FGN's) leading reform agency, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) is responsible for implementing sustainable and wide-ranging reform and divestiture of Public Enterprises (PEs).

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Government Mission

FG's Economic Reform Program

To improve allocative efficiency and reduce wastages in the public sector.
To diversify the economy.
To make the private sector the engine of economic growth.

BPE vision

A Our Vision

To be the model reform agency.

Core Values

Transparency and Integrity
Accountability and Team Work
Commitment and Diligence
Result Orientation

BPE Mission

Our Mission

To be the key driver of Government economic reform program.
To be the resource centre for capacity building and sustenance of reforms.
Promoting a competitive economy and enfranchising Nigerians
Enthronement of effective corporate governance and financial discipline in the public and private sectors Institutionalising social accountability and efficient deployment of public resources.

Putting a face to our leadership

Ayodeji Gbeleyi

Director General, BPE

Ignatius O. Ayewoh

Director, Agriculture & Natural Resources Department

Aloke C. Amechi

Director, Energy Sector Department

Toibudeen Oduniyi

Director, Industries & Services Department

Sutura Aisha Bello

Director, Post Transaction Management

Michael I. Magaji

Director, Infrastructure & Public Private Partnership Department

Halima L. Halilu

Director, Finance & General Services Department

BPE championed the reform of these sectors